CrossBridge Church

Response to Covid 19

May 18, 2020


Dear Church Family,


It’s time to start providing options for people to attend our ministry events in person. I want to be quick to add that doesn’t mean it’s time for everyone to return to these events. I strongly encourage those who are older, or have health issues that may make you vulnerable, to attend our Worship Service and Bible Studies online. I and our staff will be putting a ton of effort into making both our live events and our online events equally effective. I also want to remind you that we are not reopening the church. The fact is we never stopped having church. We continued weekend worship services, congregational care, Bible studies, food ministry, Elders meetings, staff meetings, youth ministry, children’s ministry and our giving. This crisis has reminded us that we are the church and that know matter what happens we will keep being the church.


I really do miss seeing everyone face to face but please know that your safety is first and foremost to me.  We will begin live services again this weekend May 24th. We will have small gatherings and the instructions for how to attend are included in this email. We will start with no singing and no childcare, both recommended precautions, and then reevaluate as we go. 


I will also be teaching a Midweek Study at 6:30 PM and Men’s Bible Study will follow at 7:15 PM, BOTH in the Chapel. (THIS IS A NEW DAY AND TIME FOR THE MEN’S BIBLE STUDY.)  Both of these studies will also be available live using Zoom.  You can contact myself to get on Zoom for the Midweek Study (727-871-6987) and Tony for the Men’s Bible Study (727-282-9487). The study I am teaching will also be live on Facebook. 


Here are the details regarding our upcoming services.

  • You can start making reservations for the May 24th 10:30 am service now by calling Ellyn at 727-282-9486.  You will need to know how many adults and how many children will be coming.  We will have a maximum number of 35 in the Chapel.  If we get more reservations than that, we will make the decision to have a second service at 11:45 am.  We will close the Chapel immediately after the first service, sanitize and then reopen for the 11:45 am service.

  • You will need to make a reservation for each service going forward after May 24th.  You can start making reservations on Sunday night after the previous service.  (Example: you can call to make reservations for May 31 on the evening of May 24.)

  • You must bring your own face mask or face covering and be prepared to have your temperature checked before you enter the Chapel.  If you have an elevated temperature, we will need to ask you not to come in, but you will be able to see the pre-recorded service online later at home.

  • If you are sick or not comfortable coming to the live service, please stay home.  As stated above, we will still have a pre-recorded service online as an alternative.  We want people to make the best decision for themselves and not feel any pressure to attend the live service.



  • Put on your facemask before you get out of your car.  They are mandatory and must be kept on throughout the service.

  • You will follow the indicators on the sidewalks from the back and front parking lots.  These indicators will ensure that you keep the safe 6’ social distancing rule.

  • At the Chapel door, there will be a table with someone to take your temperature with a laser no-contact thermometer.

  • When you enter the Chapel, there will be floor signs to keep the 6’ distancing intact.  Someone inside will point you to the designated seats that have been assigned to your family.  Your name will be on your seats.

  • For your protection, the restrooms will be wiped down after each use.

  • For those bringing children, please remind them to stay close to their family seats.

  • To continue distancing, you will exit the Chapel starting with the back row.





Love you and I look forward to seeing all that God has in store for us!


Be blessed! 



March 18, 2020        1:00pm

Dear Crossbridge Family,

I am sitting here this morning writing you this letter from my living room. I must admit that I am having a very difficult time getting my head around all that is happening in our country right now. Events are changing rapidly and our need to adapt changes as well. But God is not surprised and He is able to give us strength and wisdom as we navigate these days ahead of us.

I will miss meeting with church family face to face during this time. I know some people may question should we be doing social distancing as the church people seem to need the church more now than ever. The reality is that we need to be part of the solution not the problem and we need our older congregants to know we love them enough to be cautious and not risk doing anything that might put them in harm’s way unnecessarily. So we will not be meeting publicly until further notice.

Times like his have made me realize how much I love our church family and how important the Body of Christ is to me and our community. 

How do we move forward and hold our church together so that we can be the church during this crisis and once this passes we are quickly able to press forward as a congregation? The answer, oddly enough, lies in technology and some out of the box ideas. We need to use landlines, text messages, conference calls, Facebook, YouTube, podcast, webinars, online bill pay, online donations etc. Now we need to think through what technology we will use and develop a plan to conduct meetings, Bible studies, Worship services and more.

Tonight, I will be conducting a Family Summit at 6:30 pm and I will be addressing our congregation with some ideas on what our schedule is going to look like moving forward. I will record the message ahead of time and then broadcast on CrossBridge’s Facebook page. We will eventually have this on our webpage and email link as well but if at all possible, please join us tonight at 6:30pm. You will be able to send me questions and comments and I will respond through messenger. We will eventually get all this down and make it easy for those who are trying to connect.

I do need to take a minute and address our finances. The facts is we need to bring in right at 10,000 dollars between now and the end of this month to end the month in the black. The good news is next month we will not have the expense of our office and a few other savings that will help us tremendously. I would like to ask you to help us out in planning our finances correctly moving forward so if you can send an email to our church treasurer, Glen Walker, letting him know three things: What will your tithe be monthly? What amount would you be willing to give as an above and beyond gift next month? How will you be sending in your donation? Mail or website. You can send that information to 


 Please know you are love and appreciated! Feel free to call me or text me during this time at 

727-871-6987 as well as email me at I would be happy to take your prayer request as well as know we can serve you including running errands for you if needed.


Be blessed and I look forward to being online with you tonight!

Pastor Drew 

*The easiest way to give during this time is to give online at You can also give by mailing in your offering or dropping off your offering at the church office: 10575 68th Ave, Suite B1
Seminole, FL 33772*

March 13, 2020     5:45 pm

Greetings to all our friends and family at CrossBridge Church!

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak and its impact on our community. Although circumstances may change, we are currently planning to hold our regular services on Sunday. We plan to be extra cautious as we greet one another, avoiding shaking hands and using hand sanitizer as we gather together. If you are feeling unsure about attending, we understand if you would like to stay home.

We also would ask you to stay home if:

•you are not feeling well

• if you have traveled to an area with high risk for exposure

•if you have had symptoms of any illness within the 48 prior to the service or if you have recently been exposed to someone who is sick. 

If you choose to stay home, you can always join our service online by watching us on our Facebook page. 
If you choose to join the services online, we encourage you to continue your financial support of CrossBridge through this period as we continue in ministry, including missions/support of those in need. The easiest way to give during this time is to give online at You can also give by mailing in your offering or dropping off your offering at the church office.

At the present time, our church office will remain open during normal business hours. We are not planning on having our Wednesday night activities since this coming week is Spring break for Pinellas county.

We would like to encourage you to trust the Lord during this time knowing that this will soon pass and we will soon return to the typical schedule and activities we are used to. God is always in control, even when it doesn’t feel that way. Check back with us on social media or on our website for changes in updates.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Drew Grubbs

©2020 by CrossBridge Church FL and CrossBridge Ministries